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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Terminally IIl Fan Dies of Cancer The Day After Meeting Eminem

Eminem Visits Terminally Ill Cancer Patient Gage Garmo, Dies One Day After Meeting Idol

 Eminem fulfill a lifelong desire of terminally ill cancer patient Gage Jarmo at the end of last week, when he met with the teen in his Rochester home state of Michigan.

On Monday, January 12 Jarmo who was recently diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, passed away after a day of meeting with rap idol.

Rapper star, 42, surprised Garmo, 17, on Sunday, January 11th after learning that the student was a sick patient who had one week of life left. Detroit Free Press newspaper reported that the two sat together in the living Garmo, talked about hip-hop and football.

 How They linked Up

And came to meet and greet as possible through social media efforts after Jarmo friends and classmates word that teen spread, he wanted to meet his Em before he passes away. Michigan-based charity and touch the rainbow, which grants wishes for children who are facing terminal illnesses, caught wind of the case Garmo, and Oacama to meet within 48 hours.

By 2008, he was diagnosed with bone cancer Jarmo in his first year of high school. According to the Detroit Free Press, he underwent several procedures when detecting sudden retreat last week that he had one week to live.


Eminem Quoted "God Bless this beautiful kid and thank you guys for all your hard work..."

 Heres a couple meaningful comments from users on WS.

Say what you will about Eminem, but he's always cared about his fans. This is an amazing gesture.
I respect the way Em didn't post pictures on IG or Twitter he just met Gage and made him the happiest person. Rest in peace. #RIPGageGarmo

This dude was going through some of the toughest shit that any human being could go through. Gotta be thankful for the shit that most of us who are full of health and blessings that we take for granted. I'm glad dude's few last days were special, meeting his idol who's music probably got him through hard times.
Ya'll pathetic ass trolls can take the disrespect elsewhere. Just because you may not give a fuck about someone else's tragedy, doesn't mean you have to step outta line like fuck niggas.
#RIPGageGarmo. #FuckCancer

when your parents die youre an orphan.
when you spouse dies you a widow.
but when your child dies there is no name for that cause it's not
suppose to happen...
I feel so bad for the parents and wish them the
best... It is never easy burying anyone. especially your child.

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