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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The 9/11 Theory In Under 5 Minutes

Take this L if you think the government had nothing to do with this

How in the hell does 2 towers collapse straight down??..Its crazy They don't fall over are nothing..They fall straight down like it was a demolitian

Realist video uploaded to this site yet

Let's take this time out to remember those who lost their innocent lives from the corruption the United States caused

White Americans are brainwashed, you tell them 9/11 was an inside job and just watch how mad they get taking so much pride in America not knowing they are the biggest terrorists in the world smh.

1.The Roman Emperor Nero burned Rome and blamed the Christians.

2.Adolf Hitler burned The Reichstag and blamed Poland

3.George W. Bush destroyed the World Trade Center and blamed the Arabs/Muslims

 Saddam said he would no longer accept USD for oil sales, and was switching to Euros. We invaded and he was killed.

Gaddafi said he will only accept gold for oil sales, we invaded and he was killed.

They say Arab people are terrorist but the white people are the real terrorist, invading other countries and killing over 100,000 innocent people just for their benefit. i could write a whole paragraph but there is no point.

 Some of you little teenagers think that these theories are a joke. I was personally in New York at the time of the events and they were running irregular and very odd fire rescue, and natural disaster drills in schools and office buildings all around New York, months prior to the attacks, as if they already knew something was going to happen. Also, many students were asked to write essays on their experience on 9/11 and I wrote 4 full pages of my theory on the attacks, stating that I believed that it was a premeditated attack that the government was aware of years before it happened. My essay was one of the finalists but it was eventually rejected by the school board for "inappropriate content." You'd be naive to think that they aren't hiding something...

If you don't believe the devil exists, just take a look at the world leaders and what they do to innocent men, women and CHILDREN. There is no denying pure wickedness in all it's form. No amount of wealth/power could justify their actions. Only Satanic inspiration . . .

I love how this video is set up. Straight to the point without all of the dramatic music and unnecessary video clips.

Putin has satellite footage exposing The Government being in complete control of the 9/11 attacks and plans on releasing the information this year sometime.. Did ya'll even know a third building suddenly collapsed in Manhattan without being hit by a plane and the Government does not want anyone to know

The media, government, and government agencies have turned Americans into the biggest sheep on this entire planet. The majority of them believe everything that is told to them by the government, media, controlled scientist, NASA, and many other government funded organizations included yes the UFO Community, MUFON, etc. all these organizations and media outlets control each and every way Americans think. They have such a patriotic mentality for a country that continues to deceive them in various ways. That's why when shit really hits the fan in the coming future and y'all are starving do to the complete destruction of this planet and further more chipped and enslaved by this same tyrannical government it'll be your own faults.

People have been so conditioned to have "leaders" y'all can't imagine combating a government that does so much wrong because y'all want them to cater to y'all every need and further pacify y'all. Well y'all gonna see in a little bit how detrimental that kind of mentality really is.

Here's the truth to sum it up... White America blames Muslims for 9/11 when it's clearly shown that planes weren't used. A 757 is made up of aluminum while the twin towers were built with reinforced steel in and out. So how could a plane slice thru the towers like a hot knife thru butter? Look at the videos and it's clear that the planes disappear clearly into the building, then the bombs planted inside the towers explode. Its obvious that project blue beam was in full effect in 9/11. No wreckage was found at all even at the pentagon.. Those planes had no windows because they were holograms in the sky. The satellites in space makes the sky 1 big movie screen. They did all of this because of the gold buried under the twin towers.. The media and the political parties lie every year about what really happened on 9/11. I could go on forever but that's the truth and if you don't believe it, go look at the actual footage and you could see the planes wing cut off right before it disappears into the building... America is Babylon and Babylon will fall.

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